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Best 10 Room Heaters in India 2021

Room Heaters are a very essential part of winter in your room. For north Indian households, room heater is the essential components in winter because in winter temperature downs to virtually 8-10 diplomas Celsius. With this article “Best 10 Room Heaters in India 2021”, we tried to research and put our top picks for you so that before the winters you get ready to make your place comfortable with the space heaters. 1) Havells OFR No fear, like normal heaters from fire or damage No oxygen burning High volume airflow with slow speed No maintenance cost Low power consumption as conventional room heaters. Finest design that works by an indirect heating mechanism. The indirect heating mechanism of this room heater ensures less or no depletion of oxygen in your place. Heating mechanism of this room heater result in depletion of oxygen level in your closed room due to direct contact of the heating element with oxygen. On the other hand Fin based radiators works in a much safer way of heating th