iOS 14 : 10 Surprising Apple iOS 14 features

Apple is expected to show off the iOS 14. And updates to iPadOS, MacOS, and WatchOS. It is also tipped to unveil a new revamped iMac.

Apple companies garner as much attention and elation ahead of a product launch.

The excitement of features in iOS 14 is at an all-time high as Apple just unveiled it at WWDC 2020.

iOS 14 features

Reports suggest that any handset able to use iOS 13 features will also be able to use the new software update.

With this update Apple said it will allow users to share your approximate location with apps, rather of your precise location.

Apps take your rough location without identifying precisely where you are.

Now iPhones will also get a camera and microphone recording indicator in the status bar.

It same as the camera light that comes with Macs and MacBooks.

Status bar

iOS 14 is compatible with these devices.

iPhone 11, 11 Pro, Pro Max
iPhone XS, XS Max
iPhone X, XR
iPhone 8, 8 Plus
iPhone 7, 7 Plus
iPhone 6s 6s Plus
iPhone SE (1st generation)

iOS 14 Features

  • App library and widgets 
  • New M emoji Styles and Stickers
  • Better Group Conversations in Messages
  • App Clips
  • Pinned Conversation in Messages
  • Compact Siri Design
  • Compact Call Notification
  • Picture in Picture Mode
  • Translation
  • Air pods

App library and widgets

With iOS 14 features, Apple is changing that with the all-new App Library. This all-new feature automatically organizes all of your apps into a single, easy-to-navigate view.

The App Library is best features and it will always be the last page of your Home screen. And you can even hide entire pages of your Home screen to simplify and streamline your flow.

It get very tough to find apps, when you have several apps across several pages. App Library is a cool feature with newly organized space that automatically categorizes and organizes and gives you smart app suggestions based on usage, time, location, and activity.

iOS 14 have be the widget for everything, allowing for even more customization of your Home Screen with the data and information that you most need.

iOS 14 features now supports redesigned widgets on the Home screen. Small, Medium and Large are three widget sizes to choose- that perfectly suits your needs.

Widget stacks let you create stacks of up to ten widgets on top of each other. You can switch between them by simple swipes.

New M emoji Styles and Stickers

m emoji

Apple iOS 14 features has new amazing m emoji like- hairstyles, new headwear styles, more age options, expressive M emoji, face coverings, and more.

Better Group Conversations in Messages

Group Conversations features

Now apple provide amazing messaging features similar as Whatsapp in iOS 14.

With iOS 14 features you can set an image for your group conversation that all members can see. And further, you can also use Mentions by typing the person’s name to send a direct message to him.
It has also a mute features means you may even choose to get notifications only for instances when someone mentions you.

Inline replies is my favorite feature, let you send your response to a particular message while in a group conversation.

App Clips

App clip

App Clips features of iOS 14 offers a small part of an app for use at the moment it's needed, whether it's for ordering an on-demand scooter or a burger from a restaurant.

These apps are small(approx 10MB) in size and integrate with Apple Pay. And users can then opt to download the full version of the app from the App Store.

iOS 14 App Clips is a new feature that works with NFC and QR codes. Simply tap your iPhone to an NFC chip or scan a QR code, and then a notification banner pops up on your device that suggests an app.

You can use an App Clip to do many things like unlock parking, order or pay for food or coffee, rent a bike or scooter, and more.

Pinned Conversation in Messages

Pinned Conversation feature

It gets very challenging to keep track of chats.

And so, iOS 14 brings the ability to pin up to nine conversations in the Messages app.

With this features, You can keep those vital conversation threads at the top of Messages all the time for quick and easy reference later with this iOS 14.

Compact Siri Design

Compact Siri Design

Now, Siri becomes visually more smart. And this is a new siri Features.

And now siri does not take the entire screen when you summon it. Rather, you are able to see everything else on the screen.

The Siri icon stays at the bottom of the screen and works on your command or voice.

The Siri results appear on the top of the screen similar as notification. And in iOS 14, Siri gets the ability to send audio messages.

Compact Call Notification

apple Compact Call Notification

Apple iPhone is finally addressing a major headache for users with full screen on call.

Now incoming calls will no longer take over your screen on iOS 14 devices specially for iPhone and iPad. And you see a compact call notification.

Picture in Picture Mode

Picture in picture

You can now keep watching your videos or continue talking on FaceTime video calls in PiP(picture in picture) mode on the iPhone.

You can drag it to corners or use pinch to zoom to change the window size.

If you want to reclaim the full-screen real state, you can even minimize the Picture-in-Picture screen (the audio will continue to play). And you pull it back on display when needed.


Apple Translation features

Translate is a brand new app that will make it easier than ever before for two people to communicate with each other when they speak different languages.

Translate is built-in to iOS 14 and users will not have to worry about downloading a translation app while traveling or communicating with a person speak with different language.

Voice translation uses on-device processing to translate voice. And further, you can translate downloaded languages with a voice even when you have no internet access.

With Translate, you can split your iPhone screen in half in landscape orientation and then tap the microphone button to speak.

The app can intelligently detect what language was spoken by the user and transcribes the original and translated text on the correct side of the screen.


iOS 14 airpods feature

AirPods are also getting an update.

Apple's popular wireless earbuds like airpods will more seamlessly switch between devices and audio. For example, user can complete an audio book and then pick up their iPad to watch a TV show.

When someone calls, the audio will automatically switch to the call by new airpods features with iOS 14.

The pricier Pro version will now have a new feature called "spatial audio" that aims to replicate a surround sound or movie theater experience or similar as Dolby.

Whatch this video to know the features of iOS 14 in Hindi


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